Wednesday, December 31

Naughty or Nice

My festive holiday look! Tadaaah!!!

There's green and red see!?! :p 

Shop at Stylemoi for rad accessories like these! My cropped top is also from them ;) They have lots of cool street style clothes, bags and accessories at really affordable prices so if you wanna look like the fiercest bae-on-the-block then you must check them out! :p

I am so obessed with these boots from Fecbek! They are so comfy for platforms and you can change the look of these boots by changing the color of the socks that you wear or you can wear no socks too! They look absolutely awesome and one-of-a-kind (well not so much anymore after this post because I know you will go out and buy one like it! #cantblameyou hahaha!)

Bad Man cropped top from Stylemoi
Punk Style Leather Garter Stocking Suspender from Stylemoi
Angel Wing Band Ring Set from Stylemoi
Transparent Platform boots from Fecbek
Red transparent socks from Gwyshop
Manic Panic Green Envy Lipstick from Gwyshop
Bleached denim mini (DIY)

My makeup and hair is so fierce I camwhored like crazy using my new selfie-stick! ahahaha! I love this cropped top from Stylemoi. 

I've actually been very good this year but this month I've been naughty with regards to my diet and fitness. I don't know if you can tell but I'm actually sucking in my stomach so hard in all these photos. I have a really nasty pooch from all the feasting and no exercise :s Now you know! :p Hahaha! I'm going to start working and working out full time again soon so if I don't reply to your comments immediately, I'm not being stuck up or anything I'm probably just busy at the moment. Wish me luck! :)

Photo from my Instagram! If you haven't followed me yet then now is the time to do so!

Here's to another awesome year ahead! xx

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