Friday, December 19

Holiday Treats from Made In Candy

It doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice! with Made In Candy, everyone's in for a sweet surprise ;)

I paid a visit to Made In Candy's Rockwell branch a couple of weeks ago. 

I unfortunately have a sweet tooth. I am trying not to indulge so much nowadays but this time I gave myself permission since it's almost holiday season anyway, I am bound to gain weight. I can't help it! :p

These are their assortment of rock candies and the prices per packaging/amount.

They can also make custom-order candies for different occasions :) You get to pick the design and whatever flavor you want! <3

These jars look so cute and festive and they make the perfect gift when you don't know what to get someone for Christmas.

Yup Candies are the perfect no-brainer unisex gift you can buy in bulk and give away to friends, office mates and loved ones! No gift-wrapping needed! Woohoo!!!

Drop by any of their stores and you will actually see them make the candies in front of you.The whole process was very entertaining and fun to watch!

Their pretty and friendly staff. Thanks guys!

My loot! I tried really hard not to eat the contents of one jar in one sitting and failed miserably :s They were so good I kept popping one after the other in my mouth :s oops!

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Enjoy! xxx

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