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Neo Gal Kawaii International Feature

Hi guys! one of my photos has been chosen to be featured in NHK Japan's Kawaii International show. I do hope you guys will take the time to watch it :) If you love kawaii or Japanese fashion then this show is definitely for you!

Photos and info below taken from Kawaii International Fanpage

How To Watch the Program "Revolution: Neo-gal" Episode #29 , Kawaii International ★free live streaming★

This episode of Kawaii International focuses on “Neo-gal” style that has been drawing attention as “new gyaru-style”. Our studio guest is Alisa Ueno, super icon of Gal culture who has been actively sending messages through SNS and gaining popularity in the western countries. We will report people on the streets, introducing the latest trend of super fancy nails, which is the characteristic of Gal, and along with stylish hair styles.

Episode #29  "Revolution: Neo-gal"
ON AIR October 25, Saturday
"Kawaii International website"

Alisa Ueno

Creative director of fashion brand “FIG & VIPER”. She appeared in our studio as a guest. She tells the latest trend of Gal now and shows how to take cool pics.

[Tokyo Photo Book]
Mai Awatsu

Shop assistant Mai Awatsu@Yanaka

Local magazine model / Shop staff.She’s very popular on Harajuku-kei fashion magazines and known for her exceptional fashion taste as a shop staff.

Midori Fukasawa

i Fukasa@Akihabara

A model.She has been attracting attention by her girly and cute looking appearance of Gothic and Lolita style. This time she appeared on in Lolita fashion.

[Stylish girl makeup tutorial by Tsugumi Suzuki]

The shop manager of "FIG & VIPER" shows us how to do a quick and easy Neo-gal makeup easily and rapidly for everybody.

[A popular nailist Mami Jingu reveals her technique.]

Kawaii fans around the world sent in photos of their Neo-gal outfit. Alisa selectsed a few of them! who will be introduced???

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