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Milky Dress Premium Review

 Want instantly fairer or brighter skin? Milky Dress Premium promises to deliver instant results and more ;)

Milky Dress is the No.1 best-seller whitening product in Korea. 
It has already been exported in Japan, Thailand, USA, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Australia. It's also currently sold over 500,000 PCS in Korea. 

It has quick natural whitening effects in just 5 minutes, absorbs very quickly, moisturizes, minimizes skin irritation with approved eco-substances and very versatile that can be used with foundation and BB Cream. 
It is the one of best-seller product in G Market (Online Ecommerce Site) Korea and Singapore. 
A lot of Korean Celebrities are using this product. 

Serrymall is the only one seller here in the Philippines which has very affordable price compare to Korea. You can check this link: Korean Online Store to compare the prices in Korea and here in the Philippines. Also, you can see how many Milky Dress Premium are sold in a short span of time and how effective it is. 

Instantly whitens your skin in just 5 minutes! Because of its quick and natural whitening effect, Milky Dress is considered as one of the best-selling whitening products in Korea. 

• Organic and safe - contains no artificial coloring, paraben, and steroids 
• Long-lasting effect for up to 10 hours 
• Whitening and anti-wrinkle in one 
• Minimizes skin irritation with approved eco-substances

SRP Php 360

Click play to view its effects on video

The proof is in the picture! My knees are darker than the rest of my legs. Here's a photo of them with Milky dress applied to one side to see the difference!

Another shot. You can see that Milky Dress Premium leaves a thin white film over the skin to make it instantly whiter/brighter kind of like the white cast you get when applying sunscreen although this one looks a bit more natural and is non-greasy/sticky. It didn't rub off and stayed that way for hours.

My Review


  • Instant whitening/brightening effect 
  • Long lasting skin whitening/brightening effect
  • Non-greasy
  • Did not break me out
  • Can be used as a primer if you want a brighter looking skin or if makeup oxidizes on you easily
  • Can be used on the face and other darker areas of the body that you want to brighten instantly (knees, elbows etc.)
  • Affordable Php 360
  • Moisturizing
  • Contains skin-friendly, whitening and anti-aging ingredients


  • May leave a gray cast on very dark skin.
  • I did not notice a long term whitening effect on my knees where I applied it constantly.

Overall take
This product is very effective if you want to instantly lighten certain areas of your body instantly. It works really well as a brightening primer for my foundation/BB cream but I did not notice any long term skin whitening effect. Just the temporary one but it lasts the whole day.

Not everyone is born with flawless, even-toned skin. I recommend Milky Dress Premium if you are looking for an affordable and effective product to lighten certain areas of your skin instantly ;) 

Thank you Serrymall for giving me the chance to try this product!

Take care! xx

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