Monday, October 20

Grey hair blah blah blah

My hair has been grey for around 3 weeks now so if you haven't been checking my Instagram, then you wouldn't know because most of my posts here were shot when I still had blonde hair. This is a long overdue personal/random post because I haven't really been updating you guys about how mundane and utterly boring my life is really like to be honest.

Bear with me :s 

I had my hair dyed gray at a salon which I will never mention because they suck. A friend of mine told me they were ok and affordable so I was pretty excited to try it out but they used 12% bleach developer and burned my scalp! I was afraid all my hair was going to fall off! WTF! no self-respecting salon I've ever gone to uses 12% developer for bleach! It was really painful! Never go to this unknown salon chain located somewhere in Shaw Blvd. They suck! I do not recommend them at all that is why I will never mention their name ever because I don't want them to get customers and any type of publicity. A mere mention of their god forsaken name might bring adventurous customers to seek them out. So dont bother asking me ok? :p Sorry.

Go to Azta or Louis Kee instead.

Apart from bleaching and dyeing I also got a brazilian keratin treatment for damage control since it was so dry and it helped alot in keeping my hair more manageable and easy to comb. I think it also helped keep the grey color longer since usually grey hair dye only lasts me for a week or so.

I normally don't go to blog events that much unless I really want to and this time I really wanted to because I love Spectrumed :) Thanks for the invite Jenna! I will be blogging more about this soon! Check out Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Center peeps! Awesome Laser, RF and other beauty treatments at really affordable prices. I plan to go back there for more laser treatments soon <3

The reason why I don't get to post/reply as often as I'd want to is because lately I've been swamped with work and I've been trying to get back into shape. I've been power walking again almost everyday. So far its been fun, challenging and totally rewarding.

What everyone thinks I do for a living

What I actually do for a living :s

Oh and another thing. I really appreciate the trust and patience that my sponsors give me when they send me their stuff for a review/feature. I don't do things half-assed, that is why I will not force myself to shoot or post a review when I don't feel creative or inspired because that will result to sucky pictures and a so-so blog post. I blog for fun, I don't do it for the money or fame or whatever so I will never be those zombie blogger types that churn out one post to the next for the sake of stats/traffic or whatever. Please don't pressure or harass me to post your items when I keep telling you I don't have the time to do it yet. I will post it in my own time and it will be awesome and fabulous ok? Maybe if you were one of my corporate clients I would make an exception since they actually pay me but you're asking me for a favor right? :p I have a life apart from blogging #suckit

Last week was me and my guy's 9 year anniversary (yes we've been together that long but please don't ask me when we're getting married or i'll punch you in the face hahaha! kidding! #petpeeve) We've been dating for around 10 years now to be exact and while our relationship is far from perfect-It's real and we're going strong.

I will end this post with Kitty pictures because it is always good to leave you guys with good vibes. 

Peace out! xx

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