Thursday, September 18

I Want Bigger Boobies Tutorial

I envy girls with bigger boobs because I've always had small boobies. An A cup is the saddest size ever and it doesn't help when most of the bra styles you want doesn't come in your size :((((

I've always wondered how it would feel to have ginormous boobs but now I don't have to.... I can fake them myself with this super awesome tutorial I found on the internet. I don't know who the girl in the video is but pls. let me know the original source so I can credit her here. I love her for this <3

From A cup to Kate Upton! Boys beware!!!

Breast Enlargement Socks by videofalcons


I seriously need the Bombshell bra (formerly called Miraculous bra) by Victoria's Secret. I will visit the VS store here probably next week to check if they have this and I will show you guys my attempt at this Boob trickery if ever!

What do you guys think? Any takers? hahaha!

Cup sizes in Tagalog/Jokla:

A for Anyare
B for Bongga!
C for Charot!
D for Dundundun! *music
E for Eksenadora!
F for Fantasya ng bayan

Which one is yours? :p 

Belo? Calayan? Anyone!?! 
Sponsor me a boobjob please!?! mwahahaha!


Have a great day peeps! xx

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