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Snow Caps Gluthathione Review

There's a lot of whitening supplements and products out in the market today, some are affordable while some are not but the most important question is do they work? 

A lot of Filipinas and Asians desire a fairer and more even-toned complexion so they turn to Glutathione supplements for it's added health benefits and effectiveness in lightening all areas of the skin in a span of months.

This product was sent to me for free for review purposes. I was able to finish two boxes (60 capsules in a span of 2 months) I also took 1000 mg Vitamin C supplements since Vitamin C is known to enhance the effect of Glutathione Capsules. Please note that I also take other health supplements such as a complete multivitamin supplement and Vitamin E supplements. I also rarely get exposed to the sun and use SPF when I do.

SnowCaps contains Premium 500mg of L-Glutathione, also known as the miracle enzyme, to help whiten our skin. SNOW Caps allows us to ingest the proper amount of L-Glutathione (reduced) with 100mg Alpha Lipoic Acid and 100mg Non-Acidic Vitamin C. FDA approved FR# 64597

Packaging: 1 box of 30 capsules

Anyway the proof is in the picture, here's my results after finishing two boxes of Snow Caps Glutathione. Notice that my skin on the right became noticeable brighter and healthy looking.It really improved my dull skin tone aside from the whitening effect. This picture has not been edited so you can see my pores in all its glory :s


  • Anti-aging
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Effective in whitening the skin
  • Has added health benefits
  • Glutathione is a Superantioxidant (fights free radicals better than most supplements)
  • High concentration of Glutathione (reduced form which is more effective)
  • Has Alpha lipoic acid which enhances the effect of Glutathione


  • Expensive Php 1495 for long term use

Overall Take
It really works! with continued use I am sure it will be able to improve anyone's skin tone considerably but please note that individual results may vary depending on the person's original skin tone, lifestyle and diet. The only possible downside to this product is the price Php 1495 since it might be expensive for long term use.

I highly recommend this product for those who want to lighten, even out their skin tone and have a healthier looking complexion.

Where to buy Mercury drugstores and South Star Drugstores and here
You can also check Snow Caps' Facebook page for more info

For my foreign readers: I'm sure most of you don't care much for skin whitening but please respect cultural differences since skin whitening is a major thing here in my country. I am a strong advocate of loving the skin you are in and feeling confident about yourself but if someone wants to lighten their skin to improve their confidence then I am all for it. The important thing is to do it safely and use products that are tested and approved by the FDA or BFAD. 

Stay Pretty! xx

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