Wednesday, August 6

How to get the best prices when you shop online

I love online shopping and I always make sure to check out different shops before buying online to be able to get the best deal possible. I am a sucker for bargains and I always make sure to do my research before purchasing any gadgets, electronics or beauty products. I used to use Google to search for prices of these items but now I've found a better way to compare prices and get the best deal.

Have you guys heard of Pricepanda? It is a renowned online price comparison website that provides you with the latest and best product prices as well as the latest news and information you would want to know before buying.

What I really like about it is I am able to get full and detailed specs and information especially when it comes to buying gadgets and electronics which can be quite tricky and I am able to buy them at the cheapest prices possible!

Pricepanda was super helpful when I purchased my Nikon D3200 which retails for around Php 25,000 at the malls but at Pricepanda I was able to find the cheapest and best deal possible at Camera Paradise for only ₱18,639.72!!! how awesome is that!?! :) The Specifications/ Details tab on Pricepanda was very helpful also since it gave me the pros and cons of the item before I decided to buy it.

Want to get the best deal on a Samsung Galaxy S5? 

 Or how about an Apple Ipad Mini with Retina display?

With Pricepanda you are able to get it at the best price possible! :) 

They're not only limited to Gadgets, Cameras, and Electronics, they also have the best prices for Shoes, Clothing, Accessories, Healthy and Beauty, Home Appliances, Books, Music, Movies and more!

Here are some of the awesome deals I found for beauty junkies like me <3 

Lioele Beyond the Solution BB Cream 
from Php 1,150 - you can get it for only Php 250!

Anna Sui Secret Wish Edt
from Php 3,050- you can get it for only Php 2,400!

At Pricepanda there's a great bargain for everyone ;)

Feel free to follow their blog for more updates and info :

Also, if you want more infos about PricePanda, you can read this nice article from Techinasia and the wiki page

Have a great day guys! xx

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