Friday, June 20


Lately I've been too lazy to blog and I'm wasting my life away watching one Kdrama to the next. I finished 3 dramas in a span of 2 weeks already :s I feel bad for my sponsors because I'm sure they want me to feature their products but I honestly don't feel like preening in front of the camera right now :s

I don't feel like taking photos with my fugly dark roots nor do I feel like wearing a wig and act all cutesy and shiz because ..well, I just don't feel like it. I'm sure some of you go through periods like this when all you want to do is pig out and laze around. 

I'm sure I'll snap out if it eventually. So today it's just another pointless post gushing about the shows I've been watching recently. Most of the time I'm usually bored so it helps to have something to do/look forward to during the day other than mindless vanity or consumerism #buhaydonya >=p

Let's start with the first Kdrama that got me hooked into watching more. The Heirs. I started watching it because my Dad wanted to watch this on TV but I found the Tagalog dubbing kinda silly so I decided to stream this for him and my mom instead. My parents are pretty weird, My Dad likes watching drama series and telenovelas while my mom loves to play computer games lol!

Unless you live under a rock or outside Asia then you probably already know who Lee Minho is because he is really famous, gorgeous and his face is plastered everywhere! The story is pretty typical for Kdramas and I really enjoyed watching it although I found the slow-mo pause then cue-dramatic music moments uber cringe-worthy! and they have alot of those here! so prepare yourself for some drama and cheesy shiz. I seriously wish I was Eunsang and have these 2 guys fighting over me all the time :s #goals

The next one that I watched was "You're Beautiful" it's an old one with Park Shin Hye as the lead also. The story is about this prospective nun who has to pretend to be her twin brother who got hired as a singer for this famous Rockband.

This show introduced me to my new crush Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE!!! He is so cute and talented!

Is it just me or is there something up with Jan Geun Suk's face? Too much makeup? Idk, something about it seems too pretty if ya know what I mean? lol! He's so talented and awesome though so I guess if he needed some tweaking to look that good then kudos to him <3 (I seriously need a boob job but I cant afford it hahaha) Belo? Calayan? Beverly Hills? anyone!?!  :p

And last but definitely not the least is My Love From Another Star or You Who Came from the Stars or My Love from the Stars....whew! I don't know which title is correct but there seems to be plenty of different versions of the title of this series but anyway this is my ultimate favorite so far because it is so cute and hilarious!

The story revolves around this Alien guy who has lived in Korea for 400 years and he encounters a spoiled brat celebrity- hilarity ensues. The actress from My Sassy Girl (original korean version)- Jeon Ji Hyun  plays the lead and you cannot help but fall in love with her funny and bratty personality.

*Some gifs might take awhile to load

Anyway, that's all for now! I am totally cheating by adding photos of my cats in this post just because I am too lazy to post anything else mwahahaha! :p

Stay pretty!  xx

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