Tuesday, April 22

It had to happen

I've been MIA for a week and I think things are only going to get worse for me these coming weeks. I can explain it all!!! and no it's not because of my beautiful but short-lived stint with pink/violet hairdye (why the f do they make these things temporary? I want to feel like a unicorn for at least a month ok!)

 It's because I recently ruined my skin. If you know me in person or have read this blog for quite awhile now. I really take pride in my skin. I ruined it because like every girl- I got greedy and wanted it to look more "perfect" and messed around with it. I have an important meeting this coming friday and I wanted it to look extra good so I got a facial last week and bought some products to make my pores look smaller and to prevent blackheads. Surprise surprise! the next day I woke up with an awful mess! I have extra-sensitive skin fyi so shit like that Tokyo Love Soap and Uguisu no fun blah blah makes it extra angry, blotchy and itchy. I don't feel like taking pictures or covering it up with makeup so I'll probably try to wait it out until it goes back to normal.

So there, I'm f**ked! I really wanted to get this partnership which totally hinges on my near-perfect skin but so far it is still an ugly mess :s I guess i'll just have to cover it up with thick makeup and feel like an insecure mess during the meeting :s Why does this always happen to me!?! I need to stop gambling with my skincare and use my tried and tested products already :s #beautybloggerproblems


This was my skin 2 days before I messed around with it (no filter, no foundation/base product used) :s

I guess that's life :s Maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere but right now I'm just freaking worried and pissed at myself. I know it will calm down at some point but I just really need it to calm down by Friday!!! ugh!

Another reason why I've been MIA and will be super busy in the next few weeks is because my beautiful and super smart sister who lives in NY recently got engaged and she's going home to spend time with the family so hurrah!!! 

This is her and her fiancé 

We have a lot of stuff to do and I will be travelling soon with her so if I don't reply immediately to your comments or visit your blogs like I usually do I'm not being a stuck up b*tch ok. I'm just probably too busy or out of the country! 

 I <3 you guys!

Take care peeps! xx

I'd love to hear from you guys! 
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