Tuesday, December 10

Mont Bleu Design Glassware Review

I'm not really fussy with what type of mirror or cosmetic tools that I use on a daily basis but then I got a sparkly pink jelly bag from one of my sponsors- everything changed. The contents of my bag must do justice to the sparkly pink goodness on the outside! 

Call it luck, God's providence or serendipity that my package from Mont Bleu arrived around the same time I got my jelly bag. Mont Bleu is a company based in Prague, Czech Republic that produces glass nail files. They also have a range of different cosmetic tools all decorated with Swarovski crystals such as tweezers, hair brushes, compacts, scissors etc.

I can has fancy beauty tools too! <3

Me wearing the butterfly earrings from Mont Bleu.

My new gorgeous sparkly pink compact mirror decorated with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS. It even comes with its own fancy looking jewelry box. Perfect for gift giving this holiday season! ;)

Lovely glass nail files. This is my first time using glass nail files and they are certainly better than your regular nail files because they don't seem to wear out and are very easy to clean then re-use.

Fancy tweezers! They work really well! sharp and precise but the added decorations and the pink color make me feel extra special and pretty in the process! hahaha! 

These items are so pretty and lovely to use! Yes I'd recommend them to anyone who wants them and they would also make perfect gifts this holiday season! <3

To purchase and for more info about them you may go to www.design-glassware.com

As an added bonus to my readers you may use this 20% off discount code when you purchase from them :  " BLOG "

I'm not an affiliate or anything like that this is just an added bonus for you guys ;)

Enjoy! and Take care! xx

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