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Herbal Hollywood Style Whitening Treatment Review

Most Asians and Filipinas prefer a fairer and more even toned complexion. There are tons of locally available whitening products out on the market nowadays, some claiming visible results in as little as 7 days with prices ranging from Chinchunsu*-cheapness to Glutathione levels pricey yet people are always on the lookout for a safer and more effective way to brighten and lighten the skin complexion that won't put a huge dent in the wallet (or potentially damage the skin or liver)


*cheap Chinese whitening cream most maids use in the Philippines

Enter Herbal Hollywood Style Whitening products which claims to safely and effectively lighten the skin using tried and tested whitening herbal extracts. Hollywood style products are manufactured in the USA and uses professional spa and salon grade ingredients. 

These products were sent to me for review purposes and I was able to use them religiously for a period of over 3 weeks which is basically around the time you will be able to see visible results from a new skincare regimen. This is my honest and unbiased take on these products. I was not paid for this review.

 Herbal Hollywood Style Whitening Scrub 150 ml 
This scrub is especially made with extra scrubbers for maximum exfoliating, scrubbing and buffing effects to remove thick, tough, stubborn dark patches, and dead skin around neck, knees, elbows, feet and other body parts that need more work. It is made with high strength bleaching extracts to brighten and whiten dull, darkened skin and other tough-to-lighten spots. Almost everyone has a problem with ingrown hair somewhere in their body that results in small bumps on skin. This scrub us gritty that it will help remove that stubborn skin and unclog pores. With regular use skin will become cleaner, brighter, softer and smoother.

SRP Php 200

Pour a liberal amount in your palms and gently scrub in a slow and gentle circular motion, taking extra lime on areas that have thick, tough skin. Rinse well and follow with whitening lotion. Use scrub at least twice a week to get pristine glowing and smoother skin. Great to use while in the shower.

My Review
This has got to be my favorite from all the  products sent to me! I love this!!! My skin may be quite fair to begin with (MAC NC 20) but my knees and elbows are a bit darker than the rest of my body so this was really good at sloughing off the rough and darker skin in those areas and the whole body. I love that this has lots of scrubbing particles and the texture is very gritty so exfoliation using this product is a breeze. My skin looks brighter and feels super soft and smooth afterwards. This has kalamansi extract fyi! 

Herbal Hollywood Style Whitening Lotion 150 ml
This extra strength lotion is especially made for body parts that are darker than the rest of the body and need extra care. It is made with high concentrations of bleaching actives, such as papaya, arbutin, and glycolic acid to brighten and whiten skin around neck, knees, elbows, feet and other darker parts. Use daily all over body to achieve a glowing, radiant, soft and beautiful look.

SRP Php 200

Apply as needed, using additional lotion on areas that require extra attention. For best results use daily.

My Review
I wanted to see if this product made a visible difference on my body so I just used it on my knees and elbows. This is very moisturizing btw and has no cloying scent but the final question is, did it lighten those areas? I've noticed that my skin looks noticeably brighter in those areas but still not as light as the rest of my body. So yes it does lighten the skin to some extent but I think you need to use this religiously for a longer period to be able to see drastic results. I only used it once a day. 

Herbal Hollywood Style Whitening Peel Off Mask 150 ml
Whitening Peel Off Mask is an extra strength formula made with mulberries (well known for skin brightening properties), licorice (great for bleaching dark spots), an arbutin (long used for skin discoloration problems). This potent formula helps dissolve dead cells and absorbs debris and impurities, uncovering newer, healthier-looking skin. With regular use complexion will be whiter, brighter and fairer.

SRP Php 200

After washing face, apply peel off mask in an even layer (thicker at edges), avoiding eyes, lips, and hairline areas. Let dry completely. Gently peel or rub off. Remove any remaining residue with warm water and washcloth. Follow with whitening toner and finish with one of our whitening creams.

My Review
I have a love-hate relationship with peel-off gel masks to be honest. I find them quite a hassle to remove because I'm quite careless and a part of it always gets stuck to my hair and it's very painful to remove so I end up washing off that part instead. Anyway, this gel mask dries pretty quickly compared to most gel masks so its pretty hassle free and easy to remove. Did I notice my face getting whiter? I can't really say, because I only used this once or twice a week. It did not give me any breakouts though so yay! :))))

Herbal Hollywood Style Whitening Face Wash 150 ml 
A brighter and fairer complexion begins with daily cleansing using an effective cleanser. Our whitening face wash is a high-strength formula made with a blend of all natural plant extracts such as citrus fruits to wash away impurities and deep clean pores, bleaching actives, such as papaya and arbutin to brighten dark parts age spots and freckles. With regular daily use a clearer, brighter and more luminous complexion will be achieved.

SRP Php 200

Apply a small amount of wash to face and gently massage with lukewarm water. Rince well and folly with any of out whitening creams. Use morning and night to obtain a brighter and whote complexion.

My Review
Ok I know that facial washes that don't bubble as much are actually better because they contain less chemicals or that sls thingie that's not good for you at all but sometimes having non-bubbly facial washes can be quite a pain because I don't get the satisfaction of feeling like my face is thoroughly cleansed or something! hahaha! This gel type facial wash is one of those which requires more product to get a sorta decent amount of lather so my face ended up feeling dry and quite tight afterwards but it's nothing that a good moisturizer can't fix. I'm pretty neutral about this, I've noticed that it did brighten my complexion a bit but I don't like the dry and tight feeling I get after I use this so I leave that up to you to decide. 

Overall Take:
I've noticed that these products did brighten my skin to some extent. I think I need to use this for a longer period of time to be able to see a more drastic whitening effect. I'm not really a good subject to test whitening products on since I am quite fair already. I think for these products to offer marked improvements on darker skintones you will need time and patience. These herbal formulations might not offer instantaneous results but they are definitely safer and milder options to lighten and even out your skintone ;) 

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