Saturday, December 7

Be Glamorous at a Gala

A Gala is a lavish social event that is held during festive celebrations that promotes a cause and is usually organized to raise funds for an organization or foundation. Attending an event like this is a privilege to everyone not only because you can help a foundation (if the event promotes a project or cause) but also because you can dress up and look glamorous for the rest of the night.


You can’t just choose random evening gowns for this kind of event especially when you’re one of the VIPs. You wouldn’t want to be labeled as the worst-dressed guest, and I know how hard it is to choose a dress that will compliment you and the theme of the event. But don’t stress too much on finding the perfect dress because is here to answer all the unending questions whether it will look nice on you or what exactly should you for this event. All those problems will be resolved at

During Gala, its best if you’re going to wear a long dress or gown. It’s not advisable for you a cocktail dress. It’s better to be overdressed during a gala event than be underdressed. I suggest you choose a dress that will make you look elegant. Look for fabrics like velvet, silk or chiffon.

If you’re not into long dresses but you still want to dress up appropriately check this stunning dress from

You will definitely look elegant with this dress. The style is very flexible since the actual dress length is above the knee but since it’s covered with black chiffon it looks like a long dress already. See the trick there?

You don’t have to wear too much jewelry since the dress has nice embellishments already but of course you have to match something with this right? Like jewelry, shoes and bag… If yes, check here please!

Can’t make up your mind? There are still a lot of designs waiting for you at

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s waiting for you in store:

What are you waiting for? Visit their site now!

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