Tuesday, October 22


He turned her away on a Monday
A pantomime of a young girl in floral.

He said "This is too rich,
I only needed you 'till the weekend"

Hitchhiking on some dusty road,
It's time to go

Another dive

in another strange town

She sat on your lap for your birthday
while your girlfriend fumed at the corner.

Light another cigarette
You're going to need some whisky
when she's through with you.

She said "All the toys eventually bore me,
I just get so lonely, I can't help myself"

She's now lost in the world of some tune
while some guy is pouring more alcohol.

The room starts spinning 
and she swears this will be the last time.

Hop along for a ride on her crazy train.

He's not a looker but he's got broad shoulders 
and a full head of hair.

He will do for now.


*My hair is still ash blonde btw, it just looks strawberry blonde/warm here because of the filter I used.

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