Friday, August 16

EyeScream Vanilla Brown Lens Review

Geo EyeScream Lens Vanilla Brown Review

I now have beautiful brown lenses to go with my new hairstyle! <3

Looking for subtle brown lenses with a natural color gradation to make your eyes pop?
My preference for lens designs has changed over time. I now prefer lenses with thinner or light limbal ring colors with a subtle gradation since they look more natural and beautiful with minimal makeup. I'm so fickle when it comes to my hair and my style. Currently sporting a more Otona Gyaru look in these photos to go with my ash brown hair. 

I was very happy to receive these lenses from
They sell different kinds of circle lenses, contact lenses, makeup, skincare, fashion accessories and more! What's great about them is that they ship worldwide for free and you can track your purchase via a registered tracking number ;) 

Photo from their site

Price $26.88
Brand: GEO
Origin: South Korea
Water content: 38% - 42%
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.7
Duration: 6 months (half year) disposable

Close-up shot of the lenses

Lenses under natural light

Close up shot under natural light

 With flash

Close-up shot with flash

 When worn (Natural light/No flash)


4/5 Color- Gives off a rich brown shade  when worn with lighter color in the middle to make the eyes pop.

3/5 Vibrancy- Very subtle dark brown.

4/5 Design- The design has a very interesting color gradation pattern which blends into a very subtle dark brown shade which does not call too much attention but it also does not look boring or too plain either. These are perfect for everyday use especially for daytime!

5/5 Comfort-  Very comfortable. These are my comfiest brown lenses to date! It is more comfortable compared to my Ifairy Cara Brown, Dueba Puffy Brown or Chapi Tea Color Brown.

3/5 Diameter/Enlargement- -It has a 14.5 diameter and since it has a thin black limbal ring with a natural gradation pattern- it does not really give that much of an enlargement to the eyes.

Overall Take
 These lenses are very subtle and almost natural looking. They are so comfy that despite the cold air conditioning in my room, I didn't need to use eyedrops as much as my other lenses. These are perfect  for everyday use and for those who are looking for natural/subtle brown lenses that makes your eyes pop!

Will I purchase this again? Yes these are perfect for everyday use!!!

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Have a great day ahead! xx