Thursday, August 8

Canmake Smooth Skin Primer Review

Ahoy there mateys! Do you have a problem with pores and fine lines? Or do you just prefer a matte base for your makeup? Canmake's Smooth Skin Primer promises to take care of all of that and more! Let's check it out! 

Product info from Canmake

♥For beautiful, superbly touchable, silky-smooth skin♥
Pores, fine lines and shine disappear in an instant!"Fake ♥
unmade-up skin" three-in-one base

Fake ♥ unmade-up skin
Just one application covers up skin unevenness, such as pores and fine lines.
Creates a smooth skin surface that looks like natural, "unmade-up skin", without any make-up.

Startling <new texture>

Velvety first touch ⇒ Changes to a silky texture
This is a new type of make-up base
that you can use on the whole of your face - blends in smoothly to cover irregularities.

Outstanding three-in-one base

(1) For make up base

Smooths out your skin, making pores and fine lines fade away and blocking shine.
Clings to your skin and noticeably improves your make-up's staying power!

(2) To touch-up your make-up and use on areas where shine is a concern.

Blend over your make-up after lightly pressing a tissue to your skin to absorb sebum, to regain that matte look! Easily-portable tube format.

(3) You can also use this as light make-up!

Just this one product is fine for times when you don't want to apply foundation - achieve completely natural-looking base make-up thanks to its complexion-correcting effect. The UV-reducing effect means you can even go out in it!
Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents that bring you closer to beauty each time you use it
● Moisturizing agent: Hyaluronic acid
⇒ Maintains moisture.
● Astringent agent: Rosa multiflora fruit extract
⇒ This plant-derived extract with an astringent effect tightens.

After your usual skincare routine, apply a suitable amount to your hand and gently spread it over your skin, focusing on areas of concern regarding shine or pores.
After <←this is the key point for achieving a beautiful finish > the moist, smooth cream has developed a silky texture, apply your usual foundation over the top.

Available shade
color image
[N] Natural
N...A color that blends in well with your skin. For skin that looks one tone brighter, without feeling heavily made-up.

Macro Shot without flash - No Primer

Macro Shot without flash - With Primer

Macro Shot with flash - No Primer

Macro Shot with flash - With Primer


  • Can conceal/smooth out uneven skin texture
  • Erases fine lines
  • Covers pores
  • Can be worn on its on for a no-makeup pore-less look
  • Mattifies the skin pretty well (lasts up to 3 hours for oily skin)
  • Can be worn under or over makeup
  • Did not break me out
  • Has SPF 18
  • Light yellow translucent shade matches any skintone and minimally corrects redness
  • Helps makeup last longer when used as a primer

  • Not yet available (I can't wait for them to open soon!)

Overall take
This primer did a pretty good job of living up to its promise. I love using it on its own on days when I don't want to use too much makeup but I want my skin to look perfect. It gives that "my skin but better" effect. I prefer using this under makeup as opposed to topping this over makeup though since it has the tendency to erase/disturb my foundation/bb cream placement and make it look streaky. It has a light yellow shade that does a good job of minimally correcting redness so this would be a good primer for people with oily/acne prone skin. I did not get any breakouts after weeks of using this product. Overall it does a solid job of covering pores and uneven skin textures and it did keep my face oil-free for up to 3 hours or so and then I had to blot my T-zone then. I have no complains whatsoever although my only point of comparison for this type of product is my Agnes B skin perfector and I prefer this since it has a yellow undertone and SPF so it does more than the former.

Now I'm sure most of you are dying to get your hands on Canmake Products asap!
Follow their social media accounts for more updates on when and where they will set up shop soon!

Have a great day peeps! xx