Tuesday, July 23

Tony Moly Professional Circle Foundation Brush Review

I will never use a stippling brush to apply BB Cream ever again!

This brush is just like the Shiseido Perfect Foundation and 131 brush, that means you can use it to apply foundation (powder/liquid), bb cream, blush on etc for a perfectly smooth and flawless application. That means zero streaking/cakey looking finish! And it doesn't feel scratchy on the skin at all.

The brush is full of densely packed super soft bristles

Close up shot of the bristles (some hairs are clumpy because I used it to apply bb cream before this shot was taken)

It comes with its on pouch and a brush guard to ensure it stays in good shape!

 Comes close to the Shiseido brush doesn't it? 

I've been dying to get my hands on the Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush or their 131 brush ever since I saw it raking awards on Cosme. Unfortunately, it's quite expensive and not available here in the Philippines. I was so thrilled when I visited Tony Moly recently and saw this brush that looks exactly like it! and the best part is- it's so affordable! only Php 498 Awesome right!?!