Sunday, July 14

Revlon Baby Stick Review

Need a handy lip and cheek product? These limited edition Baby Sticks from Revlon comes in a handy twist up packaging for a sheer wash of color for the lips and cheeks!

LIMITED EDITION from the Pacific Coast Collection By Gucci Westman

Revlon Baby Stick™ for Lips & Cheeks
3 SHADES: Pink Passion, Tahitian and Sunset

Suggested Retail:P425.00

L-R: Sunset and Pink Passion

Swatch no flash L-R: Sunset and Pink Passion

With flash L-R: Sunset and Pink Passion

Me using Pink Passion on the cheeks


  • Buildable color/pigmentation
  • Pink Passion is very pigmented
  • Long lasting (Pink Passion)
  • Gives a healthy pop of color to the lips
  • Very natural looking- Perfect for that no makeup looking flush
  • Easy to blend
  • Affordable
  • Multi-purpose product
  • Handy

  • Sunset is not as pigmented (I had to swipe it numerous times for it to show up)
  • Sunset did not have the same lasting power as Pink Passion
  • Not for oily skin/cheeks

Overall take
I'm gonna start with Pink Passion, I love how pigmented this is and how easy it is to spread on my cheeks and lips to build up the color. It becomes semi-rubproof after awhile but you can also set it with powder on the cheeks for longer wear. Sunset is my favorite shade though! I was so disappointed that it is not as pigmented as Pink Passion, I had to swipe it on my cheeks numerous times to get the color that I wanted and since this is a balm-type product it felt like I was applying chapstick on my cheeks numerous times. Both shades give a sheer wash of color for the lips and they work pretty well although not as moisturizing like a lipbalm since you wouldn't want your cheeks to feel that greasy also!

On the upside though both colors look so gorgeous on the cheeks and lips It's perfect if you want that no-makeup/natural look or if you just want a quick healthy looking flush without the fuss!

 If you have no time to apply makeup in the morning or you need to look cute because your crush suddenly showed up make a quick beeline to the ladies room and swipe this on your lips and cheeks!  

Lakas maka-mestiza effect! hahaha!

Hope this helps! xx