Monday, July 8

Nivea Deodorant Invisible for Black & White Review

Black Stays Black, White Stays White for Longer

Hate unsightly white/yellow pit stains on your clothes? This might be the product for you! ;)

Nivea's newest innovation has textile protection technology, a sensational innovation that can be found in the new deodorants from NIVEA Deodorant Invisible for Black & White. With the new technology, the substances that cause staining cannot adhere so effectively to the fibers, so they’re easier to remove during washing.

These come in spray types for Men and Women for fuss free application 150ml SRP Php 170.00 each 

They also come in roll-on variants for Men and Women
25ml PhP 50.00, , 50ml PhP 89.00 each 


So I asked my brother to use the spray type variant for men while I used the one for women (well obviously.. lol!) It delivered as promised and prevented any odors and sweating. The scent for the women's variant is a fresh non cloying floral scent while the one for men is well...a fresh manly scent? (ahahaha! sorry I'm not good at describing scents!) 

The real test was whether it left any staining/marks on our clothing and it definitely lived up to its promise!
This product is perfect for everyday use especially those who wear delicate clothing or white uniforms. 

Goodbye unsightly pit stains! You maid/labandera will thank you for using this! :))))

Hope this helps! xx