Wednesday, July 17

Canmake Candy Wrap Lip Review 04 Lady Strawberry

Are you a lipstick or gloss gal? I belong to the latter! I don't really care if boys hate overly glossy lips.. I think lechon lips are fabulous and it's not like I'd want to kiss those frogs anyway :p 

I am always on the lookout for pigmented non-sticky lip gloss and Canmake's Candy Wrap lip promises smooth non-sticky texture with 11 pretty shades to choose from!

Product info from

Colorful and sweet like candy.
Color looks the same on your lips as it does in the tube. With masses of beauty essence to moisturize your lips.

Vivid color x moisture retention
● Achieve vivid color and moisture simultaneously!!!
A moist finish, as though you have wrapped your lips in a colorful veil of moisture.
Restrained use of lamé and pearl
● A rich, jelly-like♪ finish, without being dazzling.
There's no need to be worried about lamé particles making your lips feel rough or leaving a residue on your lips after removing your make-up.
Smooth, non-sticky texture
● Contains a light-feeling oil that reduces the stickiness usually associated with lip gloss, achieving a light, smooth texture on application.
Just one coat will spread evenly over your lips.
Packed with moisturizing agents and beauty essence!!!

Moisturizing agents
・Hyaluronic acid


・Honey and royal jelly extract

Oils of plant origin
Shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, persic oil (apricot kernel oil), mango seed oil (Emollient agents).Abundant color variations
● A lip color that dramatically changes the impression of your face.
We have carefully selected four shades that will make your complexion look brighter.
Choose the perfect color according to your make-up, fashion style or even just how you feel that day!

Shades to choose from:

[01]Sugar Love
A classic pink that's perfect for sweet-looking make-up.

[02]Navel Drop
A reddish orange that gives a delicately girlish glow amidst the freshness.

[03]Peach Shower
A coral pink that gives a natural yet cute look, whatever your skin tone.

[04]Lady Strawberry
A versatile red that suits both a classical and a casual look.

[05]Pinkholic Syrup
A vivid color that you'll want to try at least once. A trendy pink in a clear tone that's easy to use, even with your usual make-up.

[06]Guava Smoothie
A versatile color that will make your complexion look brighter, while blending in well with your skin.An attractive pink that will highlight your beauty to the max.

[07]Hot Marmalade
A clear color that will make your complexion look brighter. An orange that's a mixture of sweet and sour, giving you simultaneously a girlish and mannish look.

[08]Pomegranate Jam
A coral red that gives a feminine, gorgeous look.
[09]Dark Night Plum
A striking dark red, just like the shade used by actresses in the movies.

[10]Mauve Bonbon
So versatile! An excellent rose pink ideal whether you're seeking a pretty or a cute look.

[11]Fleur Honey
So exquisitely sheer, it will draw every gaze to you! An orange as rich as honey.

☆...Has Lamé or Pearl

Swatch no flash

Swatch with flash


  • Semi-sheer vivid color
  • Buildable pigmentation
  • No shimmer/sparkles
  • Non-sticky, jelly-like consistency
  • Moisturizing
  • Many shades to choose from
  • Affordable

  • Not yet available (I can't wait for them to open soon!)

Overall take
I love this lip gloss! I love the color and the jelly-like texture. I'd normally wear nude/neutral shades but this shade is so pretty I'm gonna have to make an exception.  My lips tend to get dry very easily so I can't really use lipstick without gloss and I usually prefer to use lip gloss anyway since it doesn't leave a lipstick ring when the color wears off during the day. Like most lip glosses you have to re-apply every now and then but I don't mind doing so!

Do I recommend this product? Yes! I plan to purchase more shades from this line!

Now I'm sure most of you are dying to get your hands on Canmake Products asap!
Follow their social media accounts for more updates on when and where they will set up shop soon!