Thursday, June 27

Swarovski summer 2013 Glittering jewels for the summer

It seems that the summer is finally here and for the occasion Swarovski unveils another new jewelry collection for summer 2013. This collection includes some of the latest crystal accented jewellery. The style and charm of the house's most famous crystals are declined in bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces where the white and pastel colors of pink and blue become the absolute protagonists. They are joined by new forms of hanging from delicate dragonflies and butterflies but also pink flamingos. They are Jewels of lightness and delicacy able to keep up with the season and with a more summer look. The magic of Swarovski shines again under the sun.

The brand has also presented during its collection for spring summer 2013 dedicated to the world Tropical Paradise, the name inspired by nature and the beauty of the hottest countries for fun and humorous but always elegant jewelry.

In addition to these for the summer 2013 there are other news about the banner of the splendor of the crystals. The ring, pendant and bracelet Tactic in red gold and pavé will be made in Clear Crystal to make a jewel of great elegance with a geometric design given the shape of a pyramid that will give a sense of rigor and mystery.

The perfect shape of the circle, as if to recall of the solar star will also be present resumed in the pendant Lovely Crystal White, with sixteen Swarovski Zirconia gems that move along the circular track created by the double circle center.

Do not forget the pending Tilly with delicate dragonflies which seems to come alive with the effect of the crystal Pointiage, typical of the house. This summer several pendants such as Toco Flamingo will shine in a shimmering pink. Finally, the new jewelry Tosha which takes popular forms of art and designs inspired by a Mesoamerican will lead them to new heights of light. After the winter it's time for summer, to live with style and elegance in the key of Swarovski.