Saturday, June 29

Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream Skin Perfector Review

Everyone longs for perfect looking skin from day-night. There are just days when wearing heavy foundation/base makeup doesn't feel right but you still want to look great without all the fuss. Revlon’s latest offering into the BB cream category promises flawless and radiant skin – in any light!

Product info from Revlon

Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream™ Skin Perfector is a lightweight, multi-benefit BB cream that hydrates like a moisturizer, smoothes skin like a primer, covers like a foundation, and blurs flaws like a concealer - all while protecting skin with Broad Spectrum SPF 30. And thanks to Revlon PhotoReady™ technology, uses translucent photochromatic pigments to bend and reflect light so skin looks radiant and flawless even under the harshest light.

What sets the Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream™ Skin Perfector apart is that it provides substantial coverage while protecting skin with a high, broad spectrum SPF 30, making it perfect for the days that a heavy foundation or makeup routine just doesn’t make sense. This BB Cream has you covered!

Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream™ Skin Perfector is your one-step secret weapon to flawless, glowing skin. Now, where do you BB? How about everywhere!


· A multi-benefit BB Cream that gives you perfected skin without all the layers;
· HYDRATES like a moisturizer;
· SMOOTHES like primer;
· COVERS like foundation;
· BLURS FLAWS like concealer;
· PROTECTS with SPF 30 like sunscreen;
· Available in 3 versatile shades for a variety of skin tones;
· Translucent photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light so skin looks radiant and flawless in any light.

SHADES: Light, Light/Medium & Medium

Php 725

 No bb cream

BB cream in 010 Light/Pale shade

When applied

After 10 minutes (it looks a bit darker than my skintone but it evens out and livens up my pale complexion so it's really not an issue for me, since it has a very light coverage it doesn't really darken my face so much)

Natural lighting (no flash)


  • Yellow undertone
  • Light reflective pigments made my skin look healthy (not shiny, oily or overly dewy), improved my overall skintone
  • Non greasy and did not make my skin oily
  • Feels very light on the skin 
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Did not break me out
  • Very natural looking
  • Available locally

  • Very light coverage (you will need to use concealer for blemishes and pigmentation)
  • A tad darker than my skintone

Overall Take
This product I  lives up to its name being a skin perfector since it does just that- It made my skin look healthy under any lighting conditions and gave it a subtle glow/sheen. I love that it has a yellow undertone so it would suit most Asian skintones pretty well. It does not however give much of a coverage so you will need to use concealer or powder foundation over it. This is the lightest shade they have but it's still a bit darker than my skintone although it really did not cause me any problems since it has a very light coverage so it did not darken my face so much but instead gave me a more livelier color.  I think this product can also be used as a makeup base/primer also since it has a light diffusing and skintone enhancing effect. I have combination skin and it did keep the oilies at bay and the shimmer/light reflective particles did not highlight my pores.

Would I recommend this? Yes if you don't need that much coverage. This is perfect for everyday use since it feels so light and non greasy.

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