Thursday, June 13

Feeling Shizuka

aka Posing with alcohol
Comes a time in any blogger or camwhore's life when we take photos of ourselves under the influence of something. I never knew how amusing it was to look at photos of myself that I took after a whole night of drinking with my siblings.

 This is just another useless camwhore post so don't expect much and skip this if you're sick of my face already :p Warning! I look wasted in some/most of these photos.


Channeling Shizuka Takeda hahaha!

Happie Nuts?  Need an extra mowdel? :p


Look to the side and think deep thoughts! 

Trying to look sexy hahaha!

That's all! Like I said, don't expect much, it's just another useless camwhore post. These photos were taken weeks ago at the ill-fated bgc property which exploded very recently so I don't expect to be returning there to party anytime soon or ever :(

OOTN - I am so inlove with this pleather skort  and boots combo.

Me and my siblings (channeling the Cullens hahaha!)

I'm spazzing over these Kpop MV's at the moment. It's been awhile since I caught up with Kpop music, it was Hyori's Bad girl that got me in the mood again :))) (I listen to a pretty diverse genre tbh and Kpop is just one of them)

I love that Hyori breaks every standard of "Korean beauty" and manages to remain on top of her game all these years <3 

Love this song...So sad. Somehow I feel this is a very personal song from her based on what she's been through in the industry

Live performance! I love these girls! <3 I'm sad that Kahi isn't around (Nana, Kahi and Uee are my faves)

This song ...the feels!

Anthem? :p

These kids are so precocious and cute! <3

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Take care! xx