Sunday, June 16

Affordable Gyaru finds at Eazyfashion!

It's daunting to keep up with trends nowadays since they keep changing so fast! Gyaru style doesn't really come cheap, it's very fussy and alot of styling is required. It's hard to invest in expensive clothes and accessories knowing they go out of style in a couple of months :s

Here's a useful tip!
It doesn't really have to be that expensive if you know where to look and you have a keen eye for details and improvisation. I'm thrilled to share this awesome online store for you guys. 

Now you can look cute without breaking the bank! ;)

What I love about them is that they sell a variety of items from footwear, nail art, clothes, gadget accessories, prettia hair dyes and more! They have new items coming in every month so there is always something to look forward to! Go here for more details. 

I super love their Vintage Layered Stylish Socks which comes in different colors to choose from! I must collect them all! 

 Their Stylish Ribbon Glam Belt is the perfect accent to any cute getup ;) 

 Their Twin Ribbon Hair Claw Clip in Pink is super kawaii!

Let's not forget our nails! They have super affordable nail art items such as Assorted Nail Gems, Nail Art Glue and Glitter Polish with Slim Brush! 

My Mode style nails using the items above. So cool right/? :) 

You know what's even cooler? If you purchase more than 6 items from them you get them at wholesale price! They have lots of other Promotions instore for their buyers. 

I highly recommend Eazyfashion to anyone who wants to look fashionable for less! ;) A keen eye for details and creativity is all you need to look kawaii without breaking the bank!

Thanks for following my blog! I really really appreciate it so much! :)

Hope this helps! xx