Monday, May 27

Gyaru Spring Summer Trends May 2013 Scans

Alo everyone!This is just a round up of what's hot in Gyaru fashion this season. I've compiled some scans from Popteen, Nuts, Ranzuki and Blenda  May 2013 issue :) Enjoy!!!

What's trending now:

Caps (Snapback, baseball cap etc.), Chokers, Clear/Plastic Material, Neon brights

All white, Pastel (especially mint green), Floral, Geometric Prints, Black and White, high waist bottoms and Light denim

Sneaker Wedges, Platforms, Thin socks with heels/shoes, Clear/acrylic material

Bronze smokey, minimal/no black lower liner, pops of bright liner/lipcolor, bright high blush (orange/bright pink), yellow-brown contact lenses, eye-bag shaping/contouring

Lots of volume, loose-tousled waves, highlights (blonde/ pastel streaks), ash/cool hair color, dark root color gradation

Take care! xx