Wednesday, April 10

Chapi Tea Color Lens Review Chapi Brown

I'm pretty much over circle lens designs with thick/dark limbal rings since I prefer 3 tone lenses with a natural color gradation. I got curious when I saw these online though and thought they might look like the  yellow brown ones the Nuts girls usually sport.

Bought these lenses months ago but I was too lazy to review them until now.
Product Photos from the online seller

Chapi Brown

Chapi Green

Chapi Brown-worn by Rui Kotobuki on the seller's Ad

Chapi Green 

Product photos taken by me

Close up shot of the lenses when worn


4/5 Color- The color is a blend between a yellowy brown to yellowy green color which can really lighten dark eyes and make them pop.  Overall, it doesn't really look brown though.

5/5 Vibrancy- Very vibrant coloring

4/5 Design- Very unique design and color compared to what's out in the market right now. It just doesn't match the product photo design nor the one that Rui Kotobuki is wearing.

4/5 Comfort-  Very comfortable for its diameter compared to the Ifairy and Princess mimi lenses.

3/5 Diameter/Enlargement- At 15mm they give sufficient enlargement although not as much as the Ifairy cara brown which has the same diameter. 

Overall Take
I love these lenses, the color design/pattern is awesome. I was a bit disappointed when I first tried them on to be honest , I thought I got the wrong lenses because they didn't look as brown and the pattern/design didn't look like the ones Rui Kotobuki is wearing in the sample photos. 

These issues aside, the lenses look spectacular by its own merit. I just don't think these are the exact pair that Rui Kotobuki is wearing in those photos. 

Update: the seller  informed me that these are probably the grey ones and her supplier might have made an error.

Will I repurchase? probably yes.