Friday, March 1

Tsubasa Style Wig Review

It's a common thing for girls to miss their long hair once they cut it short. Mine takes forever to grow so I decided to purchase a wig for camwhoring/vanity reasons. I really like Tsubasa's Hairstyle/wigs however they're not available here and I find Japanese/international shopping services too troublesome so I decided to check out good ol' fashioned Ebay for a wig.  

Product Photo on the listing

Photo on the Ebay listing

Actual wig - front view

Back view- unstyled

Natural lighting with flash

No flash

Close-up no flash

Close-up with flash

$19 (add $14 for shipping)


  • Affordable
  • Fast Shipment 
  • Strands are not shiny/plastic looking in real life
  • Long wig with good volume
  • Beautiful medium ash color 

  • Does not look like the product advertised 
  • Not indicated as heatproof (although I was able to style the bangs with my curling iron at 100 degrees)
  • Bangs/scalp part can be a bit bulgy

Overall take
It does not look like the product photos or maybe I just don't know how to style a wig yet ( this is my first wig). The wig looks very beautiful in real life, It's not shiny at all, although it might look it from the photos since we used flash/lighting. If this wears out I would definitely repurchase! Just style it properly/wear hair accessories to make it look more natural and to flatten the top part. I did not do so in the photos to give you an honest view of what it really looks like without styling.

*Ps. I didn't tweak the colors/curves of the photos to make sure you see the wig color for what it is hence the disgustingly pasty skin color.

Tip: Rinse/soak wig in fabric conditioner to remove shine and air-dry.

Where to buy
Ebay Wig Store link- Item listing(now available) You can order from them/ask them to custom make a wig according to preference. It's cheaper than buying from local resellers anyway. You need to have a credit card/paypal account though since this is from and not the local one.

Hope this helps! xx