Thursday, March 21

Of High School Crushes and "The One That Got Away"

"In your past, there would always be that boy. When you look back and think of him, your heart would hurt a little"

If you haven't seen this must definitely watch it! 

Watching this movie made me laugh, cry and reminisce about puppy love. Mario Maurer is just super cute!!! I remember the boy who made  me look forward to going to school everyday. Just a small bit of attention would make me giddy and super happy for days. I remember spending countless nights dreaming of happy endings and him confessing his feelings for me. The thing with puppy love though is that they never last. You eventually end up with heartache/unfulfilled longings.

 If you could go back and have the chance to do it all over again, would you have done things differently? If you could see that boy right now what would you tell him?

As for me, I have no regrets. I am grateful for that boy who made me want to better myself, for inspiring me and for filling my days with hope and expectation. I am very happy that I got to experience those pure and unadulterated feelings. I would like to thank him if I could and tell him how much he meant to me during those years. 

Take Care! xx