Tuesday, January 22

Mod Gyaru

During my last salon visit (2 weeks ago) the stylist got carried away and cut my hair shorter than intended. After months of patiently growing my hair out- I am back to square 1! There's not a lot of styling options to choose from with this kind of cut. 

I decided to change the way I dress a bit also. During my last shopping trip I opted for this collared mod print top which goes well with my shorter 'do. There's really no such thing as Mod Gyaru btw, I was just being cheeky so for those overly rigid gyaru fanatics you can all relax and turn off yer bitch mode now!

Products used

Maybelline Nude Eyeshadow as base color
Naked 2 Palette 
Dolly Wink black liquid eyeliner (for inner rim)
Makeup Forever Lift Concealer
Etude House Line Nuance Duo (yellow and white shimmer)
Face of Australia Mechanical Eyeliner in Brown
Smashbox Under Eye Brightener (will review this soon)
Diamond Lash Secret Eye false eyelashes
Dolly Wink 05 Real Nude lower lashes

Tony Moly Crystal Blusher in 07 Bronze Brown
Etude House Shimmer Marble in Rose Peach


Colors used from the palette

Simple Gyaru Eye Makeup- I decided to avoid harsh lines and bright colors since the top has a very loud pattern. I decided to opt for a shimmery brown eye palette that winged out towards the end. I'm not really fond of the droopy gyaru eye makeup since it doesn't suit me as much so I usually opt for Sayoko's eye makeup style- the wide cat eye shape. 

Some of my fave 60's songs to get you in the Mod (hehehe sorry I couldn't resist!)

Young Van Morrison!

Stay pretty! xx