Friday, January 4

Diamond Lash Little Wink Series Secret Eye Review

Diamond Lash Little Wink Series or more commonly known as the green series or the mint green series might just change my low opinion of the whole Diamond Lash line. Read on to find out! 

Diamond Lash Secret Eye

Close up photos of the lashes in their mint green tray


  • Very natural looking lashes (relatively for me)
  • Sexy cat eye design
  • Tapered lash ends (Unlike previous series!)
  • This design is not as shiny/plasticky as other diamond lash designs
  • Price Php 950/$23 Can be a cheaper option instead of buying Dolly Wink's Sweet Cat
  • Value for money (5 lashes in one tray) 
  • Very comfortable to wear/light
  • Suited for Otona Gyaru or Mode Gyaru look

  • Not available locally (buy them online)

Overall Take
I formed a really low opinion on Diamond Lashes after trying Diamond Lash Celebrity Eye and their Glamour Eye. As you all know I am very partial to Dolly Wink. I still think they're the best when it comes to lashes with regards to craftsmanship and comfort but the Little Wink Series comes pretty close with Secret Eye ( I can't speak for the whole little wink line). These lashes are suited for those gearing towards a more toned down Otona/Mode look like my current fave gal model- Sayoko. I would definitely recommend this design to anyone who want lashes with a Cat Eye effect and find Dolly Wink lashes too pricey. I bought these lashes from Miss Abby Rosacia of Geisha's Secret. She sells alot of japanese products online.

FYI Dolly Wink Sweet Cat ranked no. 1 according to Happienuts magazine and Secret Eye came 2nd in their natural eyes category!

Hope this helps! xx