Tuesday, November 27

Obligatory camwhore in Gyaru makeup

 Yes I am still alive lol! Only a couple more days to go and I can finally rest! I am so excited to travel with my whole family and have some down time. That also means more time to review some goodies I've been too lazy to blog about lol! I feel so happy and grateful to have such a wonderful support system around me. My family and friends are the best!

Thursday, November 8

Here kitty kitty!

 Here is my first camwhore in gyaru makeup with short hair featuring my lovely ragdoll: Asha. I can't really pose with Eno since he can't stay still but Asha is a perfect cat model hehehe.

Wednesday, November 7

A perfect hairstyle for a beach wedding

Are you going to have your gorgeous beach wedding? If yes, then you definitely must wear something truly gorgeous in your hair! Choosing a perfect accessory for your coiffure will make you look and feel a real princess and create a perfect style for you. So, below are some really nice beach wedding ideas for your beach wedding hairstyle and entire look.

Tuesday, November 6

Short hair Gyaru inspo

Lately I've been finding it hard to "doll up" and do Gyaru makeup. Primarily because work has been super hectic and I don't have the time, second because I don't really know how to style my hair! Most Gyaru hairstyles are for long hair so I decided to check the net for some styles I can work with at this length (some might not be office friendly though) To be honest I miss my long hair alot although this hairstyle is way easier to take care of.**For some reason my hair looks shorter than it really is in this 
pic, it's actually just a chin length bob

Thursday, November 1