Tuesday, August 28

Robot Unicorn Attack FTW!!!

This has got the be the gayest game ever! Love it max!!! The best part is that when you do well, you get to hear the Erasure song in full lol!

I just colored my hair via photo editor btw. I'm still too stingy to invest in semi-permanent pastel dye...My mint green hair was fabulous but 1 week duration for a hair color is pretty impractical for me.

Been a pretty tiring, frustrating and stressful day at work. This was just what the doctor ordered! hahaha!

Stay pretty! xx

Wednesday, August 22

Toys/Beauty Loot

Yahoo! I got extensions that match my current hair color perfectly! :-)

Tuesday, August 7

Lend a hand!

Help those affected by the flood in the Philippines. I am not talking about these happy midgets stranded in the office yesterday lol! You may send you donations to http://www.redcross.org.ph

Let's not forget the poor homeless animals suffering right now!

Let's do this! xx

Wednesday, August 1

Heart of gold

I felt like this outfit matched the Neil Diamond song. Been listening to folk rock lately that's how I came up with the title to this useless post which was basically an excuse to try blogging using my new phone(hehehe I got the S3!!!)