Tuesday, July 31

Do not mess with a Jeje KPOP fan!

Lesson learned, nuff said lol! =p

Wednesday, July 18

Dolly Wink 10 Sweet Cat Review

Pardon me and my chapped lips lol!

I took these pictures about a month ago. I got too lazy to post them until now hehehe

Tuesday, July 17

Useless camwhore post "It's more fun in iAGC" 8p

I will greet this post with a duckface 'coz that's how shallow and meaningless my life has been lately

Thursday, July 12

Tony Moly Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream Review

I've always had flaky, bipolar(combination-oily or dry) and acne prone skin. It looks really gross sometimes when I set my BB Cream with loose powder and it emphasizes the flakes of dead skin that did not come off during washing(eeeew!)

Monday, July 9

Sunday, July 8

Double Eyelid tape from Saizen

I have normal eyefolds, It's just that I got curious  because most Gyaru makeup tutorials use them so I decided to try them out myself. I got these from Saizen btw 

Thursday, July 5

Tony Moly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow Review 01 Natural Brown

Finally a real post! I've been soo busy with work lately and still pretty lazy and unmotivated to post. I have to share this product review with you guys though before they run out of stocks of these!