Saturday, April 28

Living Barbie Doll...Plastic Fantastic!

I was really shocked and deeply fascinated by Valeria Lukyanova who underwent numerous surgeries to look like Barbie. To be honest her face looks very pretty but I found her figure really disturbing. Removing 1 or two ribs is very painful not to mention the other cosmetic procedures she must have gone through at such a young age (21!?!)

Friday, April 27

The Tony Moly Spa Escape

Managed to pull off my first event! I couldn't have done it without help from my amazing team, my boss and the ever patient Miss Rhing! Thank you everyone! I am sooo happy! :) go here for pictures! 

Stay Pretty!!! xx

Tuesday, April 24

I got Minho's Autograph!!!!

Huwaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! I love my job! LOL!

Thursday, April 19

My Gyaru Barbie transformation

Hello everyone! This post is meant to show everyone that I don't always look as perfect as some of my pictures. I don't want to mislead anyone to think that I have insanely huge doll-like eyes. Nope! it's all circle lenses and gyaru makeup peeps! I just don't want to disappoint anyone when they see me in person without gyaru makeup.

Sunday, April 15

Mint green hair, Gyaru makeup, new officemates etc.

 Hello everyone! As promised, I took better pictures of my new hair color last Friday. I don't really know how long 'till the pastel green fades and turns white blonde so I am milking it for all its worth. I'm not that sure if I will keep this shade or try other pastel shades also since my hair is light enough for it to show now.

Tuesday, April 10

Baviphat BB Magic Girls Plus BB Cream Review and Swatches

This brand/BB Cream is not sold in malls locally. But you can get it online or at a bazaar stall in LKG Tower foodcourt/PBcom foodcourt. They sell some korean cosmetics/skincare at cheaper prices. They even have gwps!

Mint Green Hair

Nope it's not silver. It just looks like it from the photo. Hard to capture the exact color on cam indoors. It's a very light pastel green/mint green. It goes very well with anything pink or purple hahaha! Will post  a better pic soon.