IAMMEG.PH Launch Party

Mar 29, 2012

 This is going to be a pic heavy post. Last Tuesday I was invited to the www.iammeg.ph launch party. The dress code was nude so I took this opportunity to take this sexy nude piece I have out to play. The event was held at Skye Lounge at the Fort.

Gyaru inspiration post

Mar 27, 2012

Lately I've been obsessing over Sayoko's eye meiku. So sexy and gorgeous no? She is mostly the reason why I love Happienuts :)

Me channeling Sayoko hahaha!

Missha M Signature Glam Art Rouge Review SBE201

Mar 26, 2012

I have really suggestive photos of me and this lipstick tube but I decided to forego posting them on the last minute. There might be kids reading my blog! LOL!

Useless camwhore post

Mar 25, 2012

Cute Bunny Graphics

Malling with Akane

Mar 21, 2012

 Met up with Akane last Saturday. Megamall had a mall-wide beauty sale and I super wanted to avail of the buy one take one lash expander deal. This post is full of camwhore pics btw.

Gyaru wannabe outfit post

Mar 18, 2012

Going for a more sexy gal look

Recent and not so recent purchases

Mar 17, 2012

 Elf duo blush/bronzer(review), Stippling brush from Etude House, Marionnaud slanted blush brush, Elf triple liner pack(review), Tony Moly Milky Violet Crystal Blush(review).

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder Review

Mar 16, 2012

Yakimix part 2 aka A bunch of people eating/posing with food post

Mar 15, 2012

Tony Moly Crystal Blusher 04 Milky Violet Review Cheaper Candy Doll Dupe!

Mar 14, 2012

F**k you I'm a bunny!

Mar 13, 2012

Tony Moly Nail Lacquer Gl01 Glam Edge Gold Review

Mar 12, 2012

Atleast I finally got to do this!

Mar 8, 2012

Crappy day! But oh well keribels! I love you Minho!!!! wahahaha!

Tony Moly Fairest of Them All Giveaway

Mar 6, 2012

If you don't like me remember it's mind over matter; I don't mind and you don't matter.

Mar 5, 2012

Word! This is for you hater! I hope you find some peace and happiness. I truly feel sorry for you. I am not perfect and I am not a saint but I will never stoop as low as you and stab someone behind the back just because I can.

And next time try to have some guts to say who you really are.And another thing IP addresses can be traced you dumb skank!

Tony Moly Crystal Blusher in 06 Pink Light Review

Mar 2, 2012

This is a cheaper alternative to the candy doll highlighter IMO! :)  There's actually a milky violet one in this range but I have yet to get my hands on it!

***UPDATE! I bought the milky violet one this afternoon and it is the exact dupe for the Marshmallow Purple one from Candy doll!!! waaaaah! <3 Review and swatches here