Nuffnang 5th anniversary party

Feb 28, 2012

 This is a testament to how lousy I am at taking pictures. Most of the shots I took were either blurred or with a swirly haze and light. Blame it on the alcohol!(I've had around 5 or so)

Mode Gyaru camwhore

Feb 25, 2012

Camwhore overload!!!, don't say I didn't warn you!. I wanted to do another Mode gyaru headscarf look since I haven't taken these babies out for a test drive yet. I wore my mimi greys on some of the photos. Extreme contour makeup was utilized! lol!

Tony Moly Nail Enamel Glitter- Black Peal GP03

Feb 24, 2012

What I wore to the Mega Young Designers Competition Finale

Feb 21, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, Nuffnang!

Feb 20, 2012

When I first joined Nuffnang I was a lost Medschool dropout. Blogging has helped me so much in discovering my true passions, it gave me the courage to go after my dreams and it also introduced me to so many amazing and supportive people whom I will always treasure and cherish as friends.

2011 was such an amazing year for me. I thank everyone at Nuffnang for being part of it!!! Becoming your Blogger of the month for September was truly such and honor and the Radio Show guesting was a first for me and I had a blast! Thank you so much! May you guys continue to support and bless the blogging community with your presence! Happy Birthday Nuffnang!!!!

Valentines Day

Feb 18, 2012

 A very delayed post of how I spent Valentines with my beau.

Obama sings! Noynoy and Grace Lee!?! Eeew!

Feb 16, 2012

Win Tony Moly stuff!!!

Feb 14, 2012

Joining is so easy! No purchase necessary! Time to show some love guys! ;) 

I wish life was like a John Hughes film...

Feb 13, 2012

The girl gets the guy, the loser/weirdo gets a chance...everything ends up perfect with a kick-ass soundtrack to boot!

(But Andie really should've went for Duckie instead!)

Happy Valentines Day folks!!!


 Have fun tonight kids!!! xx

Lavender Hair..When will you be mine!?!

Feb 11, 2012

Another hair retouch that ended with same safe blonde hair color! sigh.....

Everything and everyone

Feb 10, 2012

Haunting and beautiful

Saizen stuff

Hers and his useless outfit post

Feb 8, 2012

For lack of better things to post. Here's what we wore last week to watch Underworld Awakening! (Ugh don't get me started on that bullshit movie!)

Gyaru Makeup tutorial

Feb 5, 2012

Ehehehe!!! Behold another Gyaru tutorial. It just goes to show how Gyaru makeup has amazing powers of transformation!!! =p

Accessorize Sale

 Got these on sale at 70% off last week! Each cost me around 135 and 180 php only! Whatta steal!!!

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish GT05 Jupiter

Feb 3, 2012

WTF happened to Nick Carter!?!

Canmake 5 effects foundation review

Feb 1, 2012