Tuesday, October 16

Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE

Alo everyone! Here is my shot at the Nuffnang Big Bang contest. It took me forever to finally finish this post since I really want to put in my best effort. For anyone who knows me and has worked with me in the past. Never a day goes by where I do not play or discuss about something Big Bang related especially when it comes to my future husband= G dragon (lol)

 My workmates and even my boss-Yes! my super intimidating boss who is the president of a huge Korean cosmetics company can vouch for my love for Big Bang and Kpop hahaha! Unfortunately along with my obsession with Kpop music comes my obsession for anything Korean Music related and Korean cosmetic related....Oh and did I mention that I made a pretty big purchase from Samsung recently? That is why I have to win this contest! You guys have to pick me! I'm flat broke you see and it's my b-day two days after the concert (emotional blackmail lol).....hence I have no choice but offer my fangirlhood to the fates....Samsung and Nuffnang people and hold on to this very fragile hope of winning ;) Oh btw I own a white S3 if that still means anything lol!

Now that I'm done buttering you guys up, we get to serious business

Which Galaxy SIII color do you think fits each of the Big Bang members best and why?


Is the eldest, he looks very distinguished despite wearing funky outfits and crazy hair colors. He is the cool rapper of the group and he always looks calm and collected. He has that air of mystery and fun bundled up in a very handsome package. That is why the color that best fits him would be Titanium Grey. Grey is calm, cool, collected and looks good with anything! It is a very versatile color and is anything but boring! Top can wear a sack for all I care and he will rock it like its the most fashionable thing on the planet. 


The leader of the group and the boldest among them- he is not afraid to express what he thinks. He is  a creative force on his own as proven by his musically diverse solo projects. He is the most fashionable and takes the most risk fashion and music wise- his style is crazy, flashy and pushes the boundaries of what looks cool on a guy and what doesn't. His music is equally as diverse and unorthodox and does not really follow a theme/formula for pop superstardom but it works anyway! The color that suits him the most is Garnet red since it exemplifies his bold personality. Red is the color of bravery, life and ultimate SWAG and that's one thing GD has loads of!!!


Has the qualities of the ultimate boyband hearthrob. Looks..check! Sexy body...check! Voice..check! Killer dance moves...check! but there is more to him than that- He has a very laid-back and wacky side that is often seen from his appearances and social media accounts (Yes I stalk all of them! lol!) That is why Pebble blue best represents him. Blue is a very boyish color and it best represents Taeyang...he is a guy who is committed to working hard and giving his best at everything but he is also a very dependable and normal guy(sort of), he doesn't take himself to seriously, he loves his bestfriend GD, his dog Boss, rap/rnb music and skateboarding.


Is the type of guy you'd want to marry or bring home to meet your parents. He is the nicest and most down-to-earth of the group which explains his very devoted fanbase. He is the sweetheart of the group and the S3 color that represents him best would be Marble White. White resembles purity, cleanliness and honesty...traits that this Big Bang hearthbrob definitely embodies. He is always kind, thoughtful and considerate to fans and fellow artist. His sense of style has evolved and has gone more adventurous over the past few years but despite the crazy hair and outfits, his personality as Mr. Sensitive/nice guy always shines through his singing and his soulful eyes.


Is the youngest/the maknae of the group. Not one to shy away from the spotlight, he excels the most at dancing and choreographing the dance moves of Big Bang. His style leans toward the more masculine, classic look and despite being the youngest he maintains that air of mystery and allure that is why I pick Sapphire black to best represent him. Aside from Black being his usual color of choice, it also embodies his quiet strength, masculinity and sex appeal.

There you go! I hope I get the chance to meet these guys! That Big Bang back cover would surely look perfect with my S3! Samsung and Nuffnang please make my dreams come true!