Thursday, July 5

Tony Moly 7 Days Tattoo Eyebrow Review 01 Natural Brown

Finally a real post! I've been soo busy with work lately and still pretty lazy and unmotivated to post. I have to share this product review with you guys though before they run out of stocks of these! 

It comes in 2 colors (Php 398 each):

01 Natural Brown
For those with light hair color  
02  Dark Brown
Those with dark hair color


§self-tattoo completed while sleeping
§ thin brush type fill the space naturally
§ long lasting even after swimming or bath
§ low-irritation tattoo using vegetable ingredients
§ mineral oil · paraben Free


1. Draw eyebrows on dry skin after facial wash. (it lasts longer than drawing over makeup) 
2. Draw slightly darker than color you want and fix with a cotton swab  before it dries.  
3. Drawing 1~2 hours before sleep would be most convenient and after  6 hours, the tattoo will set.

Retouch the eyebrow after 3~4 days when color becomes lighter. You can keep the color as if you did semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo.

Actual product picture


with flash

On my eyebrows (I have bleached eyebrows with a few dark hair growths)


  • 01 Matched my blonde hair pretty well
  • Very thin brush like the K-palette one!
  • Affordable!
  • Long lasting! (even more long lasting than K-palette)
  • Easy to use


  • Did not last me 7 days(but its probably because I use makeup remover all the time for my eyemakeup lol)

Overall take
I looooove this product! I sincerely recommend this to anyone who has thin/sparse eyebrows! Not only is it affordable, It lasts pretty long too! If you don't use makeup remover all the time and just use regular facial wash this will probably last you for a good 3 days before retouching. This is perfect for those with thin/sparse eyebrows and don't want to wake up looking like a cancer patient every morning! This shade is slightly warmer than the cool toned/ashy K-palette fine tip pen part that I own. This a very good/even better substitute for K-Palette since this lasts longer and its waaay cheaper!

Missed me? Here's an obligatory camwhore shot! lol =p

Hope this helps! xx