Sunday, July 8

Double Eyelid tape from Saizen

I have normal eyefolds, It's just that I got curious  because most Gyaru makeup tutorials use them so I decided to try them out myself. I got these from Saizen btw 

I waste alot of these things before I get to put them on right! hahaha!

Anyhoo I enjoy trying them on and how they change the shape of my eyes but they're so fricking hard to use! I must've wasted alot of these things before I got to put one one properly. I really don't know how people are able to use this without wasting a pair or so.

Without double eyelid tape

with double eyelid tape

 I expected them to make my eyes look bigger and I think they do(quite a bit) but they tend to look weird also.  My friend said it looks like my eyes are swollen/bitten by an ant or something hahaha! Maybe I just don't know how to use them properly.

 Btw guys, Saizen has a weekend promo this July where if you buy 5 items you get one item(any item) for free! (everything costs Php 85) Super cool huh? :) I love Saizen! They have everything from cute pet stuff, to kitchenware, to cosmetics and more! 

 That's all for now! xx