Wednesday, June 6

Tony Moly Snake Nail Polish SN01 Black Review

Available in 3 colors! 

[Tony Moly] Snake Nail Polish



  • Reptilian/cracked pattern
  • Solid black color
  • Affordable Php 378
  • Sold locally 


  • Difficult to apply at first

Overall Take
It took me quite awhile to get the consistency right. I've learned that it is best to use two coats of the base color for the polish to "crack well". You will also need a really good topcoat to set the polish and ensure lasting power. This is the polish I used under the black Snake polish. All in all I am very pleased with this polish. It is a cheaper yet same quality alternative to a more expensive brand I know. There are alot of cheap cracking nail polish out there but it does not give the cracked effect I am looking for until I tried this. Very reptilian no?

Hope this helps! xx