Saturday, June 16

Diamond Lash Celebrity Eye Vs. Dolly Wink No. 2 Sweet Girly (A side byside comparison)

Pictures speak louder than words. Allow me to illustrate.

Top: Diamond Lash Celebrity Eye Bottom: Dolly Wink No. 2 Sweet Girly
(I tried using eyelid tape at the bottom pic lol that's why the eyeshape looks different also)


Left: Diamond Lash Celebrity Eye Right: Dolly Wink No. 2 (click to enlarge)

The difference lies in the strand thickness: Dolly Wink strands are thin, tapered and the material used is less shiny/plasticky.

The lash design is also more elongated but tapered compared to the Diamond lash ones which look chunky in comparison and have blunt ends.

Obviously I prefer the Dolly Winks but if you're on a budget, then you can go for the Diamond Lash Celebrity eye. Keep in mind though that they are not identical- The Celebrity Eye has more volume for a more dramatic/Mode Gyaru look while the Dolly Wink No. 2's give off a dolly/innocent looking vibe.

Hope this helps! xx