Sunday, May 27

Personal Updates

Hi everyone! I've been pretty darn lazy to post anything lately. I just got back last week from my mini vacation where I got to spend time with my family :) I've been too lazy to take new pics because of my hair! My dark roots have grown to epic proportions and it has taken its toll on my will to put on makeup! hahaha!

If you've seen me at work last week , I look nothing like that pic above (it was taken weeks before). I'll probably get my roots done after payday this coming week.

So what's been up with me lately? Not much! I am trying desperately(but failing) to save some moolah. It doesn't help that I have an addiction to skincare/cosmetics and pricey Gyaru lashes.

 I have resolved to cut back on spending, eat less carbs/sugar laden stuff(for health reasons and to lose more weight 'coz let's face can never be too thin) and work harder.

Let's do this!

Random gyaru pic spam:

Huwaaa!!! I want this!!!! <3

Have a great week ahead! xx