Tuesday, May 15

Diamond Lash Celebrity Eye Review

It took me a really long time to get around to review these lashes. I've had them for around a month or more but I just haven't been that impressed with them when I first tried them on to be honest. So now I am finally reviewing them at last! 
 Yes I'm wearing the pink dress again.(I'm too broke to be a fashionista! lol) The lashes give a cat eye effect if you put them on in an upwards direction. I really hated them at first because they looked so droopy and droopy Gyaru eyes don't really look so good on me.
  • Value for money Php 900 (5 pairs of lashes in one tray compared to 2 Dolly Winks)
  • Supposedly a dupe for Dolly Wink No. 2 (but they're not lol)
  • Cat eye effect when applied upwards
  • Dramatic eye look
  • Comfortable wear
  • Easy to apply 
  • Not very durable (I ruined two lashes on different occasions just by trying to slide them off the tray! WTF!)
  • Plastic-y and shiny
  • Not well made (The lash ends are blunt/not tapered)
  • Dramatic eye look (they tend to look drag-ish during daytime and you will need lower lashes to balance them out)
  • Not sold in stores locally
Overall Take
These are my first Diamond Lash pairs and I am very disappointed. The lash strands are flimsy, have blunt ends and easily get bent out of shape. I guess there is a reason why they have 5 pairs in one tray(You will definitely need them all!) 

Diamond Lash Celebrity Eye is very dramatic and long so if you're not really into the whole Ageha/Dramatic Mode look then I would strongly suggest you get a different pair.

If you plan to buy these thinking they will be like Dolly Wink No. 2's they're not! 

Maybe I will have better luck with other Diamond Lash designs, maybe not but my lesson learned for now is to not sacrifice quality for quantity.

**PS. my standards/expectations were higher for Diamond lashes compared to other non Gyaru/local lash brands since they are pretty hyped up in Gyaru Magazines.

See how shiny and blunt the upper lash ends are? 

The lashes look pretty ok in these pictures but in real life they are very dramatic looking. Pls. google reviews/pics of other bloggers to get a better sense of what they look like.

Hope this helps! xx