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Are Bangs Right For You?

Are Bangs Right for You?

Bangs can help draw attention to your best facial features. If you have fabulous eyes, bangs can help them stand out. But, not all bangs are the same. For instance, straight, blunt bangs can come off as too severe, doing more harm than good to your look. So, ask your stylist to cut your bangs longer on the sides and shorter in the middle to soften the effect.
Maybe you have the makings of a hairstylist. If you do, invest your talents into a degree from a cosmetology school, which you can use to develop a career as a salon stylist. You can learn how to cut bangs in the most flattering ways for your clients. Check out the following list that details what type of bangs match different face shapes:
  • Round Face – A thick fringe that's slightly arched – longer on the sides and shorter in the middle – will complement a round face the most. Singer Jennifer Hudson has a round face, and she looks fabulous with these type of bangs.
  • Heart-Shaped Face – If your face is heart-shaped, it's heavier on the top than on the bottom. Try a long, sideswept bang for the best effect. Actress Reese Witherspoon has a famous heart-shaped face and is often seen wearing sideswept bangs.
  • Square Face – Bangs that are longer in the middle – grazing your eyes – and feathered, with thicker, tapered bangs on the sides will work to soften a square face. Actress Katie Holmes is known for her square face shape.
  • Oval Face – Long, layered bangs can help draw attention away from a long, oval face and play up your eyes and nose and mouth. Singer Rihanna has an oval face shape and experiments will all types of bangs and hairstyles.
Also, as a stylist you can learn how the different textures and thicknesses of hair can affect how bangs look. You can also help clients camouflage features they don't like, such as a lined, wide or tiny forehead. Bangs can definitely help bring more balance to a person's face. But, the stylist has to know what cut and style will work with the client's face shape and features.
Learn more about online classes that can lead to an degree in cosmetology. Just think, you can take classes from the comfort of your home to learn about the tricks and techniques of a stylist. Then, you can move on to practicing on real clients. Your career awaits, so go for it.


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