Wednesday, April 11

K-Palette Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow 02 Honey Brown Review

Long lasting eyebrow makeup (Waterproof  and smudgeproof)
Neutral light brown shade that goes well with light hair colors(they also have a darker shades)
Fine tip pen gives you more control and definition. It also makes it easy to draw fake eyebrow strands.
Natural looking eyebrows

Sponge tip eyebrow powder applicator is difficult to use
Sold locally at Beauty bar (I bought this for Php 830 from Geisha's secret online store since it wasn't sold in the Philippines yet at that time)

Overall Take
I love this! Eyebrow makeup is very important to me since I have light/sparse eyebrows. This gives me the precision and lasting power I've been looking for in an eyebrow product. I love the fine tip end! My only problem is the sponge tip applicator on the  other end which has the eyebrow powder. It's hard to have control on the amount of product applied. My fix? I use a slanted fine brush instead to apply the powder on my brows. I'm not really sure if it's powder or some cream thing though. The consistency is pretty dense and moist. My verdict? A must have for those who want lasting waterproof eyebrow makeup! Note on the waterproof/smudgeproof bit, it does get removed if you pour water and rub it hard but otherwise- it won't come off in the rain/beach provided you don't touch your brows and it won't come off when you use blotting paper during mid-day(a usual eyebrow makeup problem for me)

***Sidenote, I would like to thank Miss Abby Rosacia of Geisha's Secret for being so nice and accommodating. I highly recommend this seller! Very fast and efficient. I already enrolled her bank account to my online one for hassle free transactions.

Left fine tip pen, Right eyebrow powder

(Sorry for crappy eyeshadow blending. Just look at the eyebrows lol)

Again these pics were taken weeks ago hence the old hairstyle and color

Hope this helps! xx