Thursday, March 15

Yakimix part 2 aka A bunch of people eating/posing with food post

This is my second venture into the Japanese Yakinuku smorgasbord in the Philppines called Yakimix. I planned this gluttonous event with the accounting people from my company.

Without further ado , a flood of pics from this office outing(I stole alot of them from Aian's fb post hehehe)


Marco TM accounting officer/manager(He's the guy who gives me money hahaha!)

Moi eating my fave fruit! I love Pineapples!

Miss Lot :) EH Accounting Manager/supervisor

Gluttons! Aian ate the most though =p

Miss Julie has a small appetite!

Dear Hater, I don't look like a horse ok!?! A rabbit or a rat is fine but to call me a horse? You need to check your vision! =p

Noticed how I untucked my shirt after our meal! hahahaha!

 Take care! xx