Thursday, March 22

Malling with Akane

 Met up with Akane last Saturday. Megamall had a mall-wide beauty sale and I super wanted to avail of the buy one take one lash expander deal. This post is full of camwhore pics btw.

Red lips! We went inside Watsons and Akane tried red lipstick for a change. I just put on a bronze/nude gloss which didn't make much of a difference!

 We had dinner at Yabu(their katsu sets are <3). Akane bought blood red polish and clear top coat from The Faceshop. She decided to paint her nails while waiting for our food at the common dining area. Lol! I think the Japanese guys sitting nearby were quite shocked at this.

Deadly looking nails

 Her foxtail was super fluffy!!!! Mine was malnourished compared to this!

What I got from the sale. I didn't really make any major purchase since I needed to save up a bit. Oh by the way, Skinfood is such a cheat! Supposed to be 50% off on all items and they hid all of the good stuff! The sales lady said all the bb creams sold out! WTF!?! it was the 2nd day of the sale that is definitely impossible and the peach sake skincare line was all gone too! Their shelves were so bare! What a cheat!!!!

To the other girls who did not make it, lets hang soon k? :) My bro is coming this weekend! I am so excited!

Take care! xx