Friday, March 16

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder Review

With Flash
  • Pigmented
  • Easy to blend texture
  • Both shades work well alone or together
  • Multi-purpose product (eyes, eyebrow, cheeks, contouring)
  • Both shades work well with any skintone
  • Cheaper alternative to Nars (Php 246)
  • Sleek packaging like Nars
  • Available locally
  • None

Overall Take
I was sold immediately when my friend Ira told me that Elf has blushes that are cheap dupes to the Nars one. I am one of those people who are hooked on contouring their cheekbones since my face gets so pudgy very often(it's the first thing that gets fat when I eat too much!) I love love the fact that this comes in a duo blush/bronzer packaging since it makes it handy and easy to tote! You can actually even use it as an eyeshadow, eyebrow powder etc. It is a really good multi-purpose product! I have been using the Saizen nose contour product for my cheeks for so long so this is a welcome and really awesome change :)

Hope this helps ;)