Saturday, February 4

Tony Moly Galaxy Nail Polish GT05 Jupiter

With flash

With clear topcoat

  • Vibrant purple glittery hue
  • Just the right amount and size of glitter
  • Very unique and expensive looking color/style
  • Classy bottle/packaging

  • Quite pricey for me (300+, I usually go for cheap nail polish since I'm not a nail polish addict anyway)
  • Does chip if you don't apply a decent topcoat
  • Hard to remove (The Tony Moly nail polish remover is the only one that does a good job of it)

Overall Take
First off, I am so inlove with this nail polish color the first time I laid eyes on it. The only thing that held me back was the price. Lucky I got to try it out for free!(Yay! I love my job! lol). You need atleast 2 coats to get a vibrant color like this. If you are one of those brand-conscious polish addicts who don't mind spending 300+php on a frickin' nailpolish. The Tony Moly Galaxy range is definitely one you should consider! Everything is so pretty and sparkly!!!

Hope this helps! xx