Wednesday, February 1

Random Gyaru Pic Spam and personal updates


This girl reminds me of Emy

 Yapo!!! You should do this hair next ;) (This isn't really Gyaru but her hair is <3)

 I loooove her eye makeup

I love my mimi greys and they look super Gyaru but they fucking hurt like a bitch!!!

I also love this sooo much!

Things have been pretty hectic with work(as usual) and whenever I get so fed up/discouraged I just need to remind myself "why" I am here and then I am calm. There are just days when the workload or someone just gets to me and I want to go "hulk" mode and go on a rampage(that would be frickin' cool I wish I have mutant powers hahaha). It's not all bad though, I do get some lull time and perks also so don't feel too bad for me.

I just remembered that a year ago on the exact same date, I was still a Med student struggling to make the grade and now I am here! My my! How things can change in a span of one year!

I must say though, even though things get really frustrating and tiring at times, I am happy. I am grateful to be given the chance to work for something I love and I really love- Beauty shiz!!!. I really love the brand too and the products are fabulous. I consider myself lucky and hopefully all of this effort will be worth it someday.

It is sale season lately and I am so tempted to splurge on useless beauty stuff I will probably get sick of after awhile and then go buy some more useless beauty stuff! hahaha!

Oh and another thing-I hate paying taxes! WTF!!! My salary this pay term is waay lower than expected since they had to make a huge cut for something. GRRR!!! I wouldn't mind paying taxes if I know my tax money goes to the right places but the Philippine Government Sucks and is one of the MOST CORRUPT in Asia or probably the world WTF!!!

Anyway that's all for now, any violent reactions are welcome in my comments box!

Stay pretty! xx